Meet Our Practitioners and Staff

Raymond E. Peters

Raymond Elia Peters began his career in the U.S. Navy Dental Department of the Medical Research Division at the Bethesda, MD, Naval Complex. His training consisted of researching new methods of incorporating pigments into ocular prosthetics and other synthetics used in duplicating parts of the human body. He brings along a comprehensive background in his area of specialization to support his patients. Raymond is well known to the ophthalmology community in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas, having served these areas for decades. His patient base, including children as well as adults, was not only centered in the mid-Atlantic, but throughout the country and the entire world. He served with the Veterans Administration as Chief of the Artificial Eye and Restorations Clinic (Washington, D.C.), as well as the private firm of Mager & Gougelman. As a senior ocular prosthetist, consultant, and researcher, he specialized in artificial eyes, maxillofacial prostheses, scleral lenses, ocular implants, audio inserts, and the newer bio-matrix (hydroxyl-apitite) implant, serving those in need throughout the world. As a consultant to Burton & Parsons Pharmaceutical Company and the Milton Roy Company, he initiated the development of the Artificial Eye Care Kit, which has been a benefit to the artificial eye wearer.

When Peters served as Chief of the Plastic Eye and Restorations Clinic of the Veterans Administration in Washington, D.C., he was involved in the installation of regional clinics throughout the United States. During this period he also developed the soft ear insert for the hearing impaired and the process for its distribution, which saved the government hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses.

Raymond is an accomplished artist which is why he is great at paiting the coloring of the prosthetic eyes. You can see a sample of his artwork behind him in the above picture. As a totally qualified and dedicated professional, Raymond Peters is available for custom fitted ocular prostheses.

David Trainer

David Trainer is a maxillofacial prosthetist specializing in craniofacial prosthetics with 25 years of clinical experience in all phases of prosthetic rehabilitation. David received his initial training in Dental Prosthetics at Matthew Boulton College in Birmingham, England. He then went on to receive his Licentiateship in London in Maxillofacial Prosthetics. David Trainer has specialized in the fabrication of facial prosthetics particularly the implant retained facial prosthesis. The quality of his prosthesis has achieved worldwide recognition. He has developed a system for the colors of the silicone to match the human tissue exactly and a technique to blend the edges in to the skin. He even makes artificial faces. A few years ago, he created a new face for a Kentucky man whose face had been eaten away by mold.

Also with teaching positions in various countries across the world he has renowned respect from students. Presently he is the teaching professor at the University San Paulo, Brazil. During his time in Europe he assisted in the development of the Staumann Extra Oral Implant System. Patients worldwide traveled to his office for facial prosthetic treatment. David works closely with humanitarian organizations for the treatment of children in third world countries, many of which have been featured in newspapers and TV shows across the world.

He has been an active member of the prestigious American Anaplastology Association since 1992 and serves in the Editorial Peer Review Board, International Journal of Anaplastology. David Trainer is the author of “Dictionary of Prosthetic Rehabilitation” which is used by many universities in curriculum. He has also published numerous articles in the Journal of Facial and Somato Prosthetics.

David is board certified in three countries by the I.M.P.T in England, IASPE in Germany and by BCCA in USA. David Trainer has an extensive background in his specialty areas to assist his patients’ requirements.

Susan A. Peters

Susan Peters has over 30 years managerial experience in the medical arena. Ms. Peters has served as Director of the Center for Custom Prosthetics for the last 15 years. In this capacity, she has assisted patients from their initial telephone calls, accommodating them with their appointments, health insurance pre-approvals, liaison with their referring physicians, and claims submission and follow-up. This alleviates the patients from this time-consuming paperwork, giving them more time to concentrate on their custom prostheses being fabricated by Raymond Peters and David Trainer. Genuine patient care is our number one goal! Always.