Prosthetic Breast

A breast prosthesis restores a portion or the entire of the breast. The breast prosthesis provides a form of rehabilitation when surgical reconstruction of a breast is not viable or not preferred by the patient.

We offer a service focusing on women who have survived breast cancer. For those women needing external breast prosthesis, The Center for Custom Prosthetics offers custom breast prosthesis that are lightweight, flexible, remarkably realistic.

Breast prosthesis are made of a medical silicone which is colored to match the natural surrounding skin tissue of each patient. It is necessary to visit our office for the custom made prosthesis.

The steps performed in these visits are as follows:


  • 1st Visit Impression
  • 2nd Visit Sculpting
  • 3rd Visit Intrinsic Coloring
  • 4th Visit Extrinsic Coloring