Custom Prosthetic Feet

Restoring Your Ability to Walk

NOTE: We do not offer full limb prosthetics

Losing a foot or toes can lead to an inability to walk comfortably or at all. Whether you have lost the foot as a result of an accident or due to a tumor or disease, you may be looking for a solution. At Center for Custom Prosthetics, we can help you by creating a prosthetic foot and even toes which match your skin tone and look natural.

The procedure for a foot prosthetic goes as follows:

  • First visit for impression
  • Second visit for sculpting
  • Third visit for intrinsic coloring
  • Fourth visit for extrinsic coloring and toenails

A foot prosthesis can be used to restore an entire foot or a portion of one, depending on your needs, if surgery is not in your cards. We want to make sure you are receiving a properly functioning prosthetic foot. Please give us a call today at (239) 254-1648 if you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation!