Custom Prosthetic Hand & Fingers

A hand or finger prosthesis restores a portion or entire hand or finger. The hand / finger prosthesis provides a form of rehabilitation where surgical reconstruction is not viable.

A hand/finger prosthesis is attached utilizing a tight fit for a hand and suction fit for a finger prosthesis. It is also possible to attach a finger prosthesis using titanium implants.

A hand / finger can be made when all the resulting edema has subsided, this is very important to the subsequent fit of the final prosthesis.

It is possible to incorporate mechanisms in to hand prosthesis for individual positioning of the fingers.

The hand/finger prostheses are made with custom fingernails matched to the opposing fingernails.

The prostheses are made of a medical grade silicone which is colored to match the opposing hand or fingers.

It is necessary to visit our office for the custom made prosthesis.


  • 1st Visit Impression
  • 2nd Visit Sculpting
  • 3rd Visit Intrinsic coloring
  • 4th Visit Extrinsic Coloring and Fingernails

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