Prosthetic Toes

NOTE: We do not offer full limb prosthetics

A toe or foot prosthesis restores a portion or entire foot or toe. The foot / toe prosthesis provides a form of rehabilitation where surgical reconstruction is not viable.

A foot / toe is attached utilizing a tight fit for a foot and suction fit for a toe prosthesis.

A foot / toe can be made when all resulting edema has subsided. This is very important to the subsequent fit of the final prosthesis.

The foot/toe prostheses are made with custom toenails matched to the opposing toenails. The prostheses are made of medical grade silicone which is colored to match the opposing foot / toes.

It is necessary to visit our office for the custom made toe prostheses.


  • 1st Visit Impression
  • 2nd Visit Sculpting
  • 3rd Visit Intrinsic Coloring
  • 4th Visit Extrinsic Coloring and Toenails