Center for Custom Prosthetics has been helping our United States Veterans and Soldiers from all over the State of Florida, and throughout the United States with Custom Prosthetic Eyes, Scleral Shells (an ultra-thin cover over a blind eye), Orbitals, Noses and Ears.  These patients either have been wounded from being in the Service, i.e., World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc.  In addition, we help Veterans that are suffering from Cancer of the Eye, Orbital, Nose, Ear, cheeks, or Hemi-Facial.  Also, any Veteran that have facial burns that resulted in the loss of an Eye, Orbital, Nose or Ear, we can accommodate them as well.

Our Board-Certified Anaplastologist, David Trainer, and Ocularist, Jorge Franco-Canales have crafted these Custom Prosthetics to be fitted to each Veteran as needed.  They both travel to VA Hospitals in Florida, i.e.,

Tampa, West Palm Beach, Broward, Miami, and Cape Coral, as requested.

In addition, patients travel to our offices in Naples, FL.  Their high degree of excellence in custom fabricating facial prosthetics, and their pristine reputations throughout the medical arena, hospitals and physicians, is why so many patients and Veterans are attracted to our custom facial prosthetic services.

It is a simple process for you, the Veteran.  Veterans just need to go to their nearest VA Clinic/VA Hospital and see their Primary Care Physician, Ophthalmologist, or Ear, Nose, and Throat Physician, or Dermatologist and get a Consult from that Physician for a Custom Facial Prosthesis.  This Consult then gets sent to the Contract Office, a Quote is sent to them, and then a Purchase Order is sent to us to begin work.  This process takes approximately one to two weeks.

Our Veterans so deserve our custom services and we are so willing to be of service to them.  In addition to the original Custom Prosthesis that is created for you, a replacement of the Custom Eye or Scleral Shell  will be medically necessary to replace in approximately three years (as body fluids absorb into the process and there are anatomical changes of the socket, unless you have had surgery on the socket or lids or have had a weight change, and then it can be replaced as needed. Also, Polish and Cleaning of your Custom Eye or Scleral Shell should be done every six months to remove plaque.

Custom Orbitals, Nose or Ears will be medically necessary to be replaced approximately every six months, due to “wear and tear” of the Custom Prosthesis. These Custom Prosthetic procedures are fully covered by the Veterans Administration, at no cost to you.

Our Center for Custom Prosthetics was founded by a Korean War Veteran, Raymond E. Peters, in Washington, D. C. in the 1960s.  After leaving that area in 1996, we reopened in Naples, FL in 2000, and have been serving patients and Veterans ever since.  We are committed to helping our patients and Veterans making them feel whole again, bringing tears to smiles.