We now offer CARE CREDIT, which is a medical financing plan for patients with Custom Eyes, Orbitals, Noses and Ears.  This medical financing credit company offers different plans in which patients with Custom Facial Prosthetics can choose between 6 months, 12 months or 18 months at NO INTEREST, if paid in full within the 6, 12, or 18 months.  This can be used for to pay for any fees due to the Center for Custom Prosthetics, deductibles or co-insurances that need to be satisfied with their insurer, which are paid to the provider.  

It is a simple process that our Practice Coordinator can do for you, and approval can be processed in minutes.  Payments are configured on whether you choose the 6 month, 12 month, or 18 month plan., e.g., if you borrow $1000 for 18 months, your monthly payment would be approximately $55.55.   This helps the patients as they don’t need to pay themselves the entire amount due for their custom eye, ear, nose or orbital. 

Center for Custom Prosthetics had a banner year in 2018.  Custom eyes, ears, noses and orbitals were custom fabricated for hundreds of patients, making them feel whole again.  In addition, custom refills/replacements were made for eyes, scleral shells,  ears, noses and orbitals.  Over time, there is “wear and tear” of the custom noses, ears and orbitals, which require that a replacement/refill be done.  David Trainer, our Board Certified Anaplastologist, stores the original mold, so that he can mail out a new refill to patient, which defrays the cost of making a new mold every time, and also relieves the patient from needing to visit our offices.  He keeps a detailed record of the paint he uses for tinting, refers back to pictures of patients, and is able to reconstruct the custom nose, ear, or orbital prosthesis in a timely fashion.

With Custom Artificial Eyes, or Scleral Shells, replacement can be made according to the insurance plan that you have. However, replacement of a new custom eye or scleral shell, a visit to our offices is necessary.  In the event of surgery or weight fluctuations, insurance companies will evaluate the medical necessity, and if there are anatomical changes of the socket, they will approve a new custom eye or scleral shell.

In addition, most of the insurance companies will cover the replacement and/or refill of the custom prosthesis, as long as there is medical necessity.  Our Practice Coordinator, contacts your physician for you in order to receive a medical necessity prescription for you.  Also, Medicare does replace a custom prosthesis every 6 months, as long as there is medical necessity, and a medical prescription is obtained from your physician. The other insurances will also replace a custom prosthesis twice a year based on medical necessity, and dependent upon your plan.