Raymond E. Peters, Inc., Center for Custom Prosthetics, specializes in custom Ocular (Eye), Scleral Shell (Ultra-thin Cover over a Blind Eye), Orbital, Nasal and Auricular (Ear) prosthetics. We also custom fabricate Cheeks, Forehead and Semi-Facial. Center for Custom Prosthetics has been in Naples, Florida for nearly 20 years. Our practice has grown immensely with patients coming from all over Florida, across the United States and Internationally. In addition, we serve our Veterans throughout FL for the custom facial needs. Therefore, because of the high volume of patients from the Fort Myers, FL area and from Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Punta Gorda, North Port, in Lee and Charlotte counties, we are opening up a new office location at 7680 Cambridge Manor Place, Unit 204, Fort Myers, FL May 1, 2019.

Patients have expressed an interest in our having a satellite office in Fort Myers. Physicians have as well. We chose an area that is nearby to some of the top Ophthalmologists in that area and Oculoplastic Surgeons. This office will be with a complete lab in order to do the work there.

Dr. Jorge Franco, Ocularist, will do the custom fit, Veining and Modification, and delivery of the custom Ocular (Eye) and Scleral Shell (Ultra-thin Cover of a Blind Eye) prosthesis at that office, in order to accommodate the patients in those areas so they do not have to travel to the Naples office.

David Trainer, Board Certified Anaplastologist, will custom fabricate the custom Orbitals, Noses and Auricular (Ears) there as well for patients in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Punta Gorda, North Port, in Lee and Charlotte counties. In addition, it would be more accessible for patients coming from Bradenton, Venice and Sarasota. In our short term plan, we are contemplating opening an office in the Sarasota area to accommodate those patients.

David Trainer custom fabricates the facial prosthetics, i.e., Orbitals, Noses, Auricular (Ears) in three different appointments. The first appointment is for the initial fitting/mold to be prepared for the custom Orbital, Nose, or the Auricular (Ear) prosthesis. The second appointment is for the custom sculpting of the Orbital, Nose or Auricular (Ear).

The third appointment is for the tinting of the custom Orbital, Nose, or Auricular (Ear) and for delivery to the patient. David Trainer is also well known for the development of the “disappearing edge” in which the custom facial prosthesis that blends into the face with nearly a seam. These custom Orbitals, Noses, Auricular (Ears) are adhered with a medical skin adhesive. Or patients may choose to the implants/magnets surgically inserted and then the custom Orbital, Nose or Auricular (Ear) prosthesis has magnets intricately placed. Our scheduling is maintained by our Naples Office in order to serve all our patients. Our number is (239) 254-1648. We are excited about our new office in Fort Myers, FL and look forward to servicing all new and existent patients there, as well as at our Naples location!