Our Process

The Center for Custom Prosthetics specializes in the provision of a full custom maxillofacial prosthetic service including complete prosthetic clinical assessment from impression taking, construction and fitting of ocular, orbital, ear prostheses, and maxillofacial prosthetics associated with osseointegrated implantology. We guide the patient through each individual step of the process, this allows to the patient to become an integral part of the process of making a custom made prosthesis. The patient is instructed in the care and handling of their prosthesis and are instructed the appropriate materials for the prosthesis.

Custom Anaplastic Prosthetics

Custom Facial prostheses are namely duplications of anatomical parts of the body. When an individual loses a body part due to trauma or from a cancer related surgery, this area is replaced with a duplication of this part made form a medical grade silicone elastomer. These materials are subject to deterioration from wear and tear – body oils and other atmospheric exposures and must be replaced periodically for the health of the tissues they lie against. There is no set time limit on the life of the prosthesis as this is determined by the conditions that they are subjected to surgery or weight changes.

Custom Ocular Prosthetics

  • Custom Impression of the Orbital Socket
  • Custom Mold Fabrication
  • Embedding of the iris into base
  • Custom coloring of the iris
  • Custom veining and coloring
  • Curing and finishing
  • Insertion of the custom Prosthesis

Why Choose Us?

  • Veteran Owned Business
  • Combined Experience of Over 50 Years
  • Utilizes State-of-the-Art Technologies to Provide Custom Prosthetic Rehabilitation
  • Each Prosthesis is Custom Made to the Individual Patient
  • Our Goal is to Achieve an Incredible Realism to Restore the Quality of Life for the Patient

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