• Simple Generosity: A Suffering Girl Gets a New Eye

    A little girl who suffered a dreadful accident is being given a new hope. Three-year-old Victoria Wilcherwas attacked in April by three of her grandfather’s pitbulls at his home in Simpson County, Mississippi. She permanently lost her right eye, and multiple bones in her face were shattered. Other long-term effects of the attack included a […]

  • Do Prosthetic Eyes Move?

    The procedures used today to duplicate the anatomy of the ocular orbit are exact replicas with a direct alginate impression. Any movement in the ocular orbit is transferred to the prosthetic eye with this method. The wax form duplicating the parameters of the ocular orbit is fabricated and placed on the mold once the trial […]

  • What are Plastic Eyes Made of?

    Artificial Eyes (Prosthetic Eye) have for many years prior to the advent of WW 11 been constructed of glass by artisans from Europe. These eyes were made from silica (glass) and fire formed such as a light bulb. They were virtually a vacuum that was fragile and would etch from body acid, causing replacement much […]

  • Hygiene & Care of your Ocular Prosthesis

    The proper and proven method in the maintenance of your prosthesis is very simple. These are facts that must be considered. All tissue bearing surfaces of the prosthesis are subject to plaque buildup (protein). The body treats the prosthesis as an alien and will excrete fluids (tears) to coat it for protection. This fluid ,gels […]

  • Do you have a prosthetic eye?

    If you have an artificial eye, please take the time to read this message… Why? Because it’s the home of world-reowned master ocular prosthetist…Raymond E. Peters. Raymond e. Peters has 50+ years of experience and is the foremost authority in his field…specializing in custom ocular prosthetics /scleral lens / and maxillo facial prosthetics. Raymond E. […]