Do you have a prosthetic eye?

If you have an artificial eye, please take the time to read this message…


Because it’s the home of world-reowned master ocular prosthetist…Raymond E. Peters.

Raymond e. Peters has 50+ years of experience and is the foremost authority in his field…specializing in custom ocular prosthetics /scleral lens / and maxillo facial prosthetics. Raymond E. Peters is the one of the few original ‘masters’ that is still practicing.

Did you know your artificial eye needs cleaning and polishing every 6 months and a replacement every 3 years?

For our new patients, raymond e. Peters will discuss your needs and provide you with a free consultation and cleaning on your initial visit.

We have several convenient locations and opening up in the fort lauderdale / miami area soon.

Raymond E. Peters is dedicated to his patients and will be there for you providing passionate care and service.

Your needs are special and he is the unique professional who will guide and support you.

Call us toll free at 888-770-6049 or email us

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