Custom Prosthetic Eye/Orbital

Custom Orbitals – An artificial eye or prosthetic eye with lids may be called an orbital prosthesis. A custom orbital prosthesis is a removable artificial eye prosthetic that artificially restores the eye, eyelids and surrounding bone and skin lost as a result of trauma or surgery. An Ocular Plastic Surgeon performs an Exenteration to remove the entire socket, eyelids, eye, and surrounding tissue.

A custom orbital prosthesis or artificial eye offers an alternative to rehabilitation when surgical reconstruction of an orbital socket cannot be achieved. Orbital prostheses can be attached either through the use of adhesives or craniofacial implants. Orbital prostheses contains an artificial eye that is made from acrylic. The advantage of an orbital prosthesis is that it will protect the socket and underlying tissues from debris and bacteria.

It blends into the face making it look whole once again. An implant retained orbital prosthesis requires surgery for placement of the implants. This process has a healing period of approximately 10-12 weeks. The custom orbital prostheses are made of a medical silicone which is colored to match the natural eye area skin tissue. It is necessary to visit our office for the custom made prosthesis.


  • 1st Visit Impression
  • 2nd Visit Sculpting
  • 3rd Visit Intrinsic Coloring
  • 4th Visit Extrinsic Coloring

Custom Ocular and Scleral Shell Prostheses

If the eye is the window of the soul, you could say that Ocularist, Raymond E. Peters, can take a peek any time he likes. A Custom Ocular Prosthesis is initially fitted after surgery, enucleation,or eviseration, due to cancer or trauma. A Scleral Shell is an Ultra-Thin Cover to go over a blind eye. The procedures are the initial fit, custom coloring of the veins and iris, insertion by the Ocularist and then any adjustments. Raymond Peters is a fine artist which enhances his coloring of the eye. In most cases, an Ocularist who is experienced and highly-skilled, obtaining a good fit will result in acquiring movement for a custom artificial eye.

A Custom Ocular Prosthesis is normally replaced every 3-5 years. Over time, body fluids absorb into the prosthesis, producing symptoms of tearing, excessive mucous, discomfort and pain. In addition, the socket goes through anatomical changed, which changes the fit of the custom prosthesis. Also, patients have weight changes which will affect the fit.

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