Prosthetic FAQs

What is a custom prosthesis?

A prosthesis is an artificial device for a missing, disfigured or malformed part of the body. The main aim of the prosthesis is to restore the form and function of the particular area involved. It also helps in protection of sensitive tissue, aids the auditory reception of the ear or if necessary for the placement of a hearing aid, or the support of glasses and also restores appearance and self esteem.

How is a custom prosthesis made?

The process of making a custom facial prosthesis is a synergy of art and science. At the Center for Custom Prosthetics we are constantly improving our artistic and clinical/technical techniques to provide state of the art prosthetics. Skin like texture is sculpted in the prosthesis to replicate the patient, skin coloration are matched to blend perfectly to create a life like prosthesis.

How is a custom prosthesis attached?

Every patient is evaluated individually to determine the best method of retaining their custom made prosthesis. The prosthesis when in place has to be comfortable and secure. Retention methods for nasal, orbital and ear prostheses include the use of medical grade adhesives, anatomically self retained, attachment to glasses or the use of bone anchored implants with magnetic retention.

How long does a custom prosthesis last?

A prosthesis will degrade after time due to use. This is a normal process due to absorption of fluids or other environmental substances which will cause a color change. This usually occurs in approximately 1-3 years. Care and maintenance is very important to the well being of custom prosthesis.

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