Custom Pediatric Eye (Ocular) Prosthesis

Our Pediatric Prostheses are Tailored to Accommodate the Special Needs of Our Growing Patients

Artificial Eye Fitting Process for Children

At approximately 4-6 weeks following enucleation the process begins with a consultation, which provides an opportunity for your child to become comfortable with our ocularist. Since children are usually apprehensive, we find it helpful to provide them a brief and simple explanation of what will be done during the visit.

It is common to expect three to four visits for the initial prosthesis. We design the fitting technique to match the individual needs of the child. In most cases, the ocularist makes an impression mold of the eye socket. Once the prosthesis is completed, an appointment is scheduled for a return visit in 3 months. This is mainly due to growth and color changes during the first years of like. It is often possible to enlarge your child’s current prosthesis, if only minor changes rare required. This defers the need for a completely new prosthetic eye for at least some period of time. After approximately age 3, follow-up visit to the ocularist can be reduced to every 6 months.

Pediatric Prosthetics

Eye prosthetics for children demand and deserves the utmost care and attention. We take pride in our extensive experience and skill with children. In working with children, we adopt a team approach. It is important for the parents, ocularist, and ophthalmologist to have open communication relating to the care and treatment of the child. We encourage the parents to contact us prior to the first visit concerning any questions related to the care of their child.

Clean & Hygiene
Explanation of Anaplastic Procedure
Explanation of Ocular Procedure

We have more than 50 years of experience using advanced prosthetics technology to provide our patients with high quality prosthetics. The prosthetics we provide are easy to maintain and clean. Please call us today at (239) 254-1648 if you have any questions or are ready to schedule an appointment.

Custom Prosthetic Ears Gallery
Prosthetic Orbitals

Ear Prosthesis (Before and After) 1

Prosthetic Orbitals

Ear Prosthesis (Before and After) 2

Prosthetic Orbitals

Ear Prosthesis (Before and After) 3

Prosthetic Orbitals

Ear Prosthesis (Before and After) 4

Prosthetic Orbitals

Ear Prosthesis (Before and After) 5

Prosthetic Orbitals

Ear Prosthesis (Before and After) 6


Ear Prosthesis (Before and After) 7

Prosthetic Orbitals

Ear Prosthesis (Before and After) 8

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We’re on a mission to help Veterans take advantage of the valuable VA benefits you have earned: 100% coverage of your facial prosthesis expenses. We proudly work directly with the Veterans Administration on your behalf to make the process simple, affordable, and hassle-free!