Patient Testimonials

Chrissy Steltz – Building a New Face

(Courtesy of ABC News)

Eleven years after an accidental shooting left her blind and disfigured, Chrissy Steltz gets a life-changing prosthesis.

Watch how David Trainer from The Center for Custom Prosthetics expertly crafted a lifelike full face prosthesis.


A Life Changing Prosthesis for Chrissy Steltz

(Courtesy of ABC News)

After more than a decade of wearing a satin sleeping mask to protect herself from the gasps of strangers, it’s the transformation of a lifetime.

The Resurrection of Amalia Mendoza

(Courtesy of Naples Daily News)

The incredible story of Amalia Mendoza who lost her face in a car accident in Columbia in May 2001.

Amalia traveled to Naples, Florida to The Center for Custom Prosthetics to have a prosthetic face made for her by David Trainer, one of the world’s leading prosthetic makers.

An Eye For Victoria

(Courtesy of Naples Daily News)

Victoria Wilcher, 3, of Jackson, Miss. received an artificial eye, pro bono, from ocularist Raymond Peters Friday, July 11, 2014. She was also accompanied by Dr. Frank Stile, a plastic surgeon offering his services from Las Vegas, free of charge. Wilcher was mauled by her grandfather’s three dogs, sparking national attention.


My experience and the Center has been outstanding. David Trainer changes people’s lives. David and his staff are professional, personable, and accommodating and very easy to be around.

Mary A.
Prosthesis: Ear

Beyond my expectations. Dr. Trainer was very pleasant and caring. I felt comfortable and at ease during the entire procedure. After fifty one years my dream came true! The amazing part: I watched it happen. It was incredible! It is beyond words to describe how I really feel. My life will never be the same. I feel so much joy and peace within. I am grateful to God and Dr. Trainer! Thanks!

Martha H.
Prosthesis: Ear

The staff at The Center for Custom Prosthetics are very professional. They scheduled my appointment around my schedule. I was advised about the procedure to make my prosthetic and the length of time it would take to complete.

Joe V.
Prosthesis: Left and Right Ear

After being so totally devastated from the surgery to remove my nasal cancer… it was absolutely amazing to see the transformation. I am whole again because of the perfect new nose.

William N.
Prosthesis: Nose

I first became a patient of Raymond Peters in Baltimore, Maryland when I was 13 years old when I lost my right eye. This was over 49 years ago. Over the years I moved all over the USA but always came back to Raymond Peters to have my eyes made.

Theda B.
Prosthesis: Ocular (Right)

David Trainer made the four day process both fun and factual. That David takes one patient at a time is a gift – it’s tough enough for the patient – his kind approach turned the “process” into a family affair as opposed to the factory approach which seems so prevalent these days.

Doris H.
Prosthesis: Nose

The experience was overwhelming. My prosthetics ear is everything I asked for and looks better than the past three prosthetics I have had. The staff were very kind and considerate. Overall, the experience was great and the process was quick; better than anything I could ask for.

Sonia T.
Prosthesis: Ear

It is truly amazing. More than words could express and the experience was so much more relaxing than I could have ever imagined.

Hatty R.
Prosthesis: Orbital

My husband learned of your website and David Trainer by word of mouth. After researching your site with others and with prayerful consideration I felt compelled to pursue your company for my orbital prosthesis.

Sherry R.
Prosthesis: Orbital

It was a very relaxed atmosphere. We laughed and enjoyed Dr.Trainer’s humor as well as his professionalism. The experience was not like you were in a doctor’s office but as we were at a friend’s house hanging out while he helped you be whole again. It was a wonderful experience and felt as we left with a lifelong friend.

Nathan M.
Prosthesis: Nose

Professional and caring! David’s demeanor made me feel at ease. His attention to detail is meticulous. Thank you for a pleasant experience. A very positive experience.

Frank R.
Prosthesis: Orbital

Attention Veterans!



We’re on a mission to help Veterans take advantage of the valuable VA benefits you have earned: 100% coverage of your facial prosthesis expenses. We proudly work directly with the Veterans Administration on your behalf to make the process simple, affordable, and hassle-free!